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I am currently the faculty advisor for our Master's program in Astronomy & Astrophysics. I also advise students pursuing a B.S. in Physics: Concentration in Physics for Teaching, and students interested in getting a minor in physics or a minor in astronomy.

Curious about teaching as a possible career path? Let's talk!

K-12 teaching is an option for anyone obtaining an undergraduate degree in physics; the Concentration in Physics for Teaching is recommended but not required. High-school physics teachers are in high demand in the Bay Area, throughout California, and all over the country.

Students interested in exploring teaching as a possible career path should know that SFSU's Center for Science and Mathematics Education has programs in place to support you! Through CSME's Teacher Fellowship program you can receive mentoring and financial support, learn what to do to prepare for a career in teaching, and join a group of like-minded STEM undergraduates and credential students.